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Who was Genghis Khan, the Man?

By Sutapa Basu
High status and advancement conferred with noble birth was the social structure not only in Mongolia but in all countries across the world. Genghis Khan overturned this system by giving opportunities to everyone based solely on merit.

Book Review: Sutapa Basu’s ‘Padmavati: The Queen Tells Her Own Story’

By Bhaswar Mukherjee
Did Padmavati really exist? Did she write the Padma-wali at all? These imponderables are an exercise in futility; what remains are the many life’s lessons that the trajectory of Padmavati’s passage tells. Between the bridge spanning chimera and reality, Padmavati: The Queen Tells Her Own Story will hold you breathless and the denouement spellbound.

Poem: Pelting Stones

By Sutapa Basu
‘Pelting stones is a lark,’ says Javed,
Stretching out his prosthetic leg on a thin carpet,
As thin as the veneer of promises made to Kashmir
By smiling Buddhas in a faraway city.

An Interview with author, Sutapa Basu

By Lopa Banerjee
The protagonist is fighting many demons at different levels. She is a victim of repressed sexuality; she is paranoid and believes she being attacked; her love-hate relationship with her elder sister troubles her; marriage makes her angry and so on. But she is blessed with emotional strength and a never-say-die attitude.

For our tomorrow

By Sutapa Basu
Capture of Tololing Knoll on19 June, 1999 was the first victory of the Indian Army and has gone into history as the turning point of the Kargil war.

My Gift

By Sutapa Basu
What had I done? Was it their hunger I had appeased or assuaged my guilt? Here I was, unthinkingly buying inessential food to mark just a festive occasion and there they were… starving for just a morsel!