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Adaptation as appropriation: An excursus through the theatre of Badal Sircar

By Arka Chattopadhyay
It was this hybrid and transnational influence of Grotowski, Artaud, Schechner, Beck and open theatre forms like ‘Taganka Theatre’ and the ‘Theatre-in-the-round’ that constituted Badal Sircar’s break with the proscenium form. The 1972-73 performance of Spartakus in an empty room and outdoors at a downtown Calcutta Park started the process.

‘The Mahabharata’ in Indian Folk Culture

By Tanya Jha
Karnakuttu, as the play is called in Tamil, is annually performed at temples in Tamil Nadu and in small metropolitan theatres around the country. The stories are usually picked from the Mahabharata and meddled with the elements of Tamil folk culture to bring it to the local audience.

Jana-Sanskriti: Theatre of the Oppressed

By Amartya Banerjee
Jana-Sanskriti, has been working in these areas since the mid-1980s and through its untiring efforts, it has been able to instill a sense of belonging, a sense of responsibility amongst the people. This responsibility refers to the belief that things and situations will not change if one gives up hope. It will change only when they themselves unite in their efforts and harness the collective energy for constructive work.