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A visit to the house of Alice Boner

By Vivek Nath Mishra
The building seems one of the foremost constructions at Assi Ghat, on the river bank. It is just next to the Harmony bookshop – a tiny, charming bookshop that attracts every passer-by like a flower attracts a bumblebee. It’s fairly easy to notice the bookshop as one goes down the street to the river but the house of Alice Boner is almost invisible. One passes it as one passes a beautiful roadside flower surrounded by the long grass.

Remembering Weaver-Saint Kabir in Varanasi

By Bhaswati Ghosh
For someone who did not renounce the worldly life in search of enlightenment, but rather remained in the thick of it, working hard for a living, Kabir, through his defiant and colourful satire, remains a torchbearer for mavericks. He is the wise fellow who stands in the marketplace wishing everyone well, without affirming friendship or enmity with anyone.

Some Observations on Barkha Dutt’s Article

By Mosarrap H. Khan
Dutt’s use of the word ‘compassionate’ is interesting. As Krishnan points out, it’s certainly offensive for Muslims. One doesn’t expect compassion from the man, who many Muslims hold responsible for the carnage in Gujarat. However, what intrigues one about the term, ‘compassionate’, is its underlying suggestions of theocracy.

Firm No to Modi-sarkar

The incumbent JNUSU has called upon the students to join a campaign against BJP’s Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi in Varanasi, although it has not specified which candidate would it support. The Akhil Bhartiya Vidyarthi Parishad – student wing of the RSS – brought out a vicious pamphlet attacking the JNUSU’s call for campaign against Modi.