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Telliscope: The horror of institutions

By Ashley Tellis
How is it that we express no outrage at this continuum of violent institutions from the family to the state but focus on custodial institutions which shelter the detritus from these other institutions? Because it is easy to do. It is also really convenient.

Ground Report from Kashmir: Nineteen Years a Slave

By Irfan Mir
On the main road outside Mohammad Yousuf Bhat’s house, a young boy buys a pack of cigarettes from a shop. He is joined by a few more young men and they settle down to talk. At the end of the road, half a dozen men come out of a mosque after saying their prayers. People of the village, it seems, have returned to their lives and have excised Rasiq from their collective memories.

Short Story: Maria Josh

By Vismay Kamate
The love of my life, who followed Islam, who fasted in the month of Ramzan, who was a Muslim and, by and large, a human being, died in the riots, and my father, who was part of these riots, demolished my faith in his paternity forever.

What Exactly Happened at Kaliachak, Malda?

By Cafe Dissensus
At the main intersection, some people stopped the vehicle and asked the driver to take an alternative road, which passes through the police station. The alternative road meets the main road after about 1.5 kilometers. But one of the jawans didn’t agree to it and asked the driver to carry on by clearing the people at the rally.

The Less Fortunate

By Haris Ahmed
The man was shivering; a young lad shoved him down on his knees. Another man loaded his rifle. Before the crowd could react, the man lay lifeless in a pool of blood. The crowd began cheering and roaring in frenzy.

Yakub Memon, A MUSLIM, Was Hanged

By Mosarrap H. Khan
Who would return the youthful innocence of millions of Muslim teenagers like me who lived their formative years in the shadow of Babri Masjid demolition and the riots that followed? To whom was justice served by taking Yakub Memon’s life? Certainly, this was no justice for Muslims in India.