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A visit to the house of Alice Boner

By Vivek Nath Mishra
The building seems one of the foremost constructions at Assi Ghat, on the river bank. It is just next to the Harmony bookshop – a tiny, charming bookshop that attracts every passer-by like a flower attracts a bumblebee. It’s fairly easy to notice the bookshop as one goes down the street to the river but the house of Alice Boner is almost invisible. One passes it as one passes a beautiful roadside flower surrounded by the long grass.

Short Story: Hands

By Vivek Nath Mishra
I manured and watered them regularly but the plants were not that shiny anymore. She had some tricks that I didn’t know, perhaps the plants knew her touch. The sparrow that built nest there in my roof garden chose some other place, and the bulbul found another hand, I guess.