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Aspects of National Foundation for Entrepreneurship Development (NFED), India

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By Prof. R. Ganesan

NFED fulfills its mission through social awareness activities. The upcoming Teachers’ Day Awards, scheduled on 5 September, 2014, is a pragmatic example of felicitating teachers (including researchers) from various areas and recognizing their significant contribution. It ranges from young, senior, and outstanding categories, wherein the nominations are rated on a seven point scale: educational qualification (s), overall experience, awards & recognitions in their field, domain accomplishments, societal contribution and recognition, media & publicity, networking, and extracurricular activities. In adherence to a defined score on the aforementioned criterion, the awardees are rated accordingly. The award carries a medal of honour with a certificate. NFED has been felicitating teachers since 2010. It strongly believes that teachers are the real sculptors and mentors for bringing in a holistic change within a society. Our purpose is to recognize the dedicated contributions of deserving teachers in the past and present. Also, the award recognizes innovative teachers in academia, who directly or indirectly foster an enterprising culture. By hosting these coveted awards, NFED also gains national recognition and creates awareness amongst the fellow teachers about their role in providing direction to society.

The establishment of student-chapters and creation of Entrepreneurship Development Cells as well as professional tie-ups with the leading institutions, varsities, and colleges (arts & sciences and engineering & technology) in the form of Memorandum of Association (MoA) have been the new strategic approach for accomplishing NFED’s mission. It also operates with the aim of grooming students for joining an enterprising culture, thereby opening up new vistas and perspectives in entrepreneurship development. NFED has already inaugurated its student chapter at Vellore Institute of Technology Business School (VITBS) at VIT University, Vellore on 25 March 2014 and signed an MoA with Department of Management Studies & Commerce at VLB Janakiammal College of Arts & Science, Coimbatore on 29 April 2014 for conducting  entrepreneurship awareness and training programmes for students and workshops for faculty development programmes pertaining to research and entrepreneurship development for a period of two years. NFED believes that the frequent workshops and programmes shall bring in clarity and induce inclination towards entrepreneurship among the students and faculties, facilitating the progress of enterprising culture. Some other varsities and colleges intend to have a professional association with NFED and NFED is looking to sign the MoAs after the commencement of the current academic year.

NFED strongly emphasizes on research and academics to foster curriculum development in order to overcome a facile approach towards entrepreneurship training. Hence, it has created individual deanships to gather appropriate information and strengthen the same for use in its training programmes and sessions. The research in various fields of entrepreneurship helps in understanding the current trends and enriches the academic aspects of entrepreneurship, which, in turn, facilitates training and development. It directly strengthens NFED in updating information on entrepreneurship avenues and its associated practices.

In this era of innovation, technology, management, and information technology have permeated all spheres of globalization and have become an inseparable entity in human existence. Hence, it is important to recalibrate the internal economic-cum-educational avenues to cope with the external competition in the global industrial and socio-economic arena, which keeps changing with time. A novel strategic way of dealing with this is through unleashing the research & development potential within the academic framework for attaining sustainable development.  Performance and quality deliverance can be met only through research and development parameters, which invariably act as recourse for continuous learning across academia viz., universities, colleges, research centers, organizations more precisely through institutes imparting education in science, engineering, technology, arts and management (including entrepreneurship, congregating all disciplines). It also synergizes the industrial practices to reinforce, resurge, rejuvenate, and renovate educational institutes by providing promising career opportunities. This notion depicts the juxtaposition of science, technology, engineering and management practices through business, entrepreneurship and information technology. It also caters to knowledge base around the world in administering research and development. Furthermore, it strengthens the networking for institutional development to attain knowledge sustenance and becoming a model institution with virtues and values.

In support of this aforementioned notion, NFED intends to have a journal, Technology Information Management Entrepreneurship Review (TIMER), which is scheduled for launch this academic year. TIMER is instituted primarily to study the relevance of technology and engineering and their contribution to entrepreneurship and management development, keeping with the current and future trends. The core objective is to write about the new vistas in the domain of research and to promulgate that knowledge and wisdom in info-engineering and techno-management disciplines.

Notwithstanding the efforts made in the past by the allied disciplines in sciences towards engineering, technology, and management, one could find that the inter-connectivity and networking has not been achieved in totality. The journal comprises of a strong editorial advisory board (EAB) having renowned professors from United Kingdom, United States of America, Lithuania, Cyprus, Finland, Singapore, and India.  It also consists of a multi-disciplinary editorial review board (ERB) consisting of editors  and associate editors from various streams/disciplines from India and abroad, having their specialization in various branches of Sciences, Engineering, Technology, Management, Humanities & Social Sciences, Linguistics, and Entrepreneurship.

Keeping this in view, the journal is aimed at showcasing research in entrepreneurial management and its connectedness to the disciplines of sciences, engineering and technology, arts and humanities, management with a strong focus on inter-disciplinary research in the form of empirical and conceptual research papers, excerpts, manuscripts, abstracts, cases, editorials, and articles from researchers, scholars, academicians, practitioners, and students across the world. Moreover, the current trends and future directions in engineering, technology, and management will enhance the publicity of the journal. TIMER will act as a torch bearer to millions and millions of researchers and readers in conveying the advancements in research in different disciplines in an integrated fashion.

Thus, the journal would pave the way for enhancing the acumen in research-academic communities, where one can read about the current stream of educational advancements and collective trends in engineering, technology, and management. In doing so, the research, and development of academia will prosper, thereby filling the gaps in knowledge and employment, required by the corporate and organizations.

NFED follows the ideal of social entrepreneurship with a socialist perspective and has covered various aspects since January 2014. The different aspects of NFED covering its journey and future plans with regard to entrepreneurship development programmes and its associated activities will be periodically included. The other facets of entrepreneurship development will be highlighted in the forthcoming posts.

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Professor R. Ganesan is the Chairman/Presidium Chair of National Foundation for Entrepreneurship Development, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India. He obtained his Ph.D. in entrepreneurship development from the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi. Email:

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