Well it was unprecedented because the “you-know-who” sitting inside his diwan-i-khas never expected that the protest would rise to this scale. He had probably mused with his minions over a cup of tea that it’ll be the usual small band whose voice would be lost over a day or two. That you all are still talking and writing about this incident may have already caused him some nightly visitations to the loo. As for the ARG and SAEIG, by the materials and arguments they have produced, they confirmed that I had doubted and expected from the beginning: they are the tools that the body we were fighting against lashed out at us, a nervous, impulsive reaction. Had they given the grievance that you all had put forward a proper thought and not rushed in to crush the voice though nitpicking and hair-splitting, then they wouldn’t have made any of those baseless allegations. Anyway, they should be thankful to this protest and its aftermath, they got their share of limelight that they needed and would now probably get some points in their CVs.