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Two Poems

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Mist of Mysteries!

By Maya Dev

On golden sands
between the layers of
silvery stream waves
wet quill writes untold tales

Incessant gush narrates
epic in shallow voice
no presence witness
prolonged, untired task

On shrivelled shores
pebbles re-read stories
to share the musing
with migrating birds.

The serene script
bloating and floating
bubbling with wishes
meandering on waves.

In its obvious merge
identity gets sacrificed
while embracing
dark ocean abyss.


Divine Silhouette 

By Maya Dev

An enchantress bathes in fresh dew
Shrugging off night’s fatigue as tender rays
She is a sunflower bloomed in morning grace
like a danseuse’s charm in poised posture.
Her smirk conceals on the curve of her lips
Her innocence spilling freshness of dew
She spreads sweet vernal perfume around.
Her laugh is enigmatic and echoes windstorm
It travels whole world and fades eventually
in the distance as rippling ripples of mystery.
She sings melodies in nightingale’s cadence
Spring chases her like an euphoric lover
She is a paradise found in vagabond’s dream.
Her fingers long and tender as creeper
Her touch exudes elixir and heals wounded in hush
Compassion of ocean concealed in her eyes
Her emotions mirrored and pour as monsoon rain.
Barren heart gets fertile by solaced wetness of her love
She is an epitome, a living enigma of eternity
who lives as an exemplar in the bubbles of moment.
Her raiment pristine glow of moonlight resonates
and camouflage darkness from the clouds of night.
She is a divine silhouette, a perpetual fantasy,
Poetry of a poet, who reigns in the hearts forever. 


Maya Dev is an economics graduate from Kerala. Poetry is her passion and is a way to explore life. Some of her poems have appeared in several anthologies such as Anthesis, Indus Valley, Eternal, Change, Wings, and the forthcoming, The Significant Anthology. Awardee of ‘The Faith-Centred Poet of 2014′ (Highly Commended), Bi-Monthly and Monthly Critics awards in the ICOP: ROLL OF HONOUR at Destiny Poets UK ( An International Community Of Poets). Maya has won poetry competition at Poetry Soup. She has also published her poems in online literary journals like Episteme, Criterion, Muse India, Learning & Creativity, and Boloji. Currently handling a monthly poetry column, ‘Tossed Pebbles’, at an e-magazine, Bkhush. She blogs at

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