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Is the International Criminal Court biased?

By Neha Basnet
To be effective, the ICC must pose a real threat of prosecution, trial, and conviction for the perpetrators of major international violations of human rights. At the same time, it need not be limited to the trials it conducts of individual suspects to pursue justice.

Post-Apartheid and Post-Mandela

By Nick Matlin
It is almost cliché to emphasize the fact that while racial frontiers have begun to break down, the frontiers of class remain stubbornly entrenched. Much of the country’s wealth still rests in the hands of the white minority.

Gender: ‘Pray the Devil Back to Hell’

By Mary Ann Chacko
The women and children of Liberia had become ‘collateral damage’ in the fight between a power hungry President, Charles Taylor and the Rebels, who were fighting, presumably, to end Taylor’s autocratic regime. But as the women soon realized these rebel leaders or war lords were not there to ‘save’ them or their children. Rather, they were fighting their own battles for power and wealth.