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Nirbhaya and Korpan Shah: Two Stories, Two Trajectories

By Nandini Ghosh
Korpan, on the other hand, is just the opposite of all that Nirbhaya represented – a mentally ill man, with little education and no stable job, hence with very few aspirations in life. Moreover, the aspersion of theft of a mobile phone made him more culpable for the crime he was accused of. It is almost believable that a mentally ill man with little money would be prone to committing such a crime.

The Gift

By Anna P. Monaghan
Pickard glowed in private memory of his kindnesses, but he desired greatly for a new language of love. This was not just kindness, he thought – this was a man’s right to feel! To feel and express his feeling! Would his snobbish relatives ever understand? How would they react if they knew François was in his will? A man has the right to pass on his legacy – it is his right! And François was safe.

Bhopal Gas Tragedy: A terrifying legacy still awaits those babies

By Abdul Hafees
Still traumatized by the incident that snuffed out their dreams, some of the survivors had gathered here at Jantar Mantar about a month ago with placards in their hands and fire in the hearts. Many of them were old women. Five young women were observing indefinite waterless strike. As a result of the protests and timely intervention of the Amnesty International, the government further hiked the proposed compensation a little.

Going out on the Jericho road

By Achyut Dutt
There is this emptiness. The years are rolling by and soon you’ll be 60, an age when interesting things stop happening to you when you would like them to. The feeling that you have amounted to very little, that you have made no impact whatsoever on the community at large, has acquired a studio apartment at the back of your mind.


By Achyut Dutt
I read on and on, my voice practiced and well-modulated. And as my words settled into a steady drone, I realized that her movements had gradually ceased and her little curly head was now resting on my arm, completely still.

Disability: Me, Karthik – Part II

By Karthik Chandrashekar
An ideal school should be like any other regular school but it should be disabled-friendly. There should be lifts ramps, if the class is not on the ground floor. There must be toilets for the disabled people. And it should give everyone equal opportunity to interact and use its resources.

Disability: Me, Karthik – Part I

By Karthik Chandrashekar
I owe my journey thus far to Vidya Sagar and I am happy I have given something back by inviting the chess champion, Viswanathan Anand, to become a brand ambassador of Vidya Sagar. Anand anna saw my e-mail in which I had mentioned how badly I wished to meet him.