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For our tomorrow

By Sutapa Basu
Capture of Tololing Knoll on19 June, 1999 was the first victory of the Indian Army and has gone into history as the turning point of the Kargil war.

An Interview with Filmmaker, Ajay Raina, on Kashmir Oral History Project

By Mary Ann Chacko
In this interview, filmmaker Ajay Raina speaks to Mary Ann Chacko, about Kashmir Oral History Project ( This project intends to record the stories of ordinary Kashmiris, both in the valley and in exile, who have witnessed violence and misery since Independence (1947) and in an accentuated way in the 1990s.

No ‘Kashmir’ in India: A Film Festival Vandalized in Hyderabad

By Abu Saleh
The opening day of the festival was at the L V Prasad Preview Theatre. Before the inaugural session, around forty people gathered one by one and started shouting. At first they broke the entrance door panels, windowpanes, one TV screen and began to throw flower vases. They went inside the projector room, damaged some of the old film reels of the institute/distributor (LVP).

Book Review: Basharat Peer’s Curfewed Night

By Shaik Zakeer Hussain
Basharat Peer’s Curfewed Night (2010) is an intensely passionate memoir about the struggle for freedom and justice inpeer what one former U.S president described as the ‘world’s most dangerous place.’ The story of Kashmir is set against the backdrop of Peer’s life and his life is interwoven with the melancholy of his homeland and its inhabitants.

The Polemics of Truth

By Ria De & Achuth Ajit
We also condemn the administration for not ensuring student safety against police. Some students, staying off campus were visited and questioned by members of the police in the early hours of the day. The lack of an official search warrant did not stop them from searching students’ premises.