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Report on the Death of Mudasir Kamran and Its Aftermath

By Struggle Committee for Justice for Mudasir Kamran

The students of English and Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad, completed a week of their struggle to achieve justice for Mudasir Kamran, who committed suicide on the night of 2nd March 2013. In this report, we the students participating in the protest, will attempt to lay out the circumstances that led to Mudasir’s death and the following responses of the administration, the teachers, the students, the media and the police.

Mudasir’s suicide takes up greater significance in the light of it being the fourth death in the five-year old University. To add to this, there have been multiple suicide attempts by students of the university, following casteist oppression within the German Department. Another student, Munavath Sriramulu, an Adivasi student, had gone on a hunger strike as well as filed a case with the Osmania University Police Station against the casteist attitude of the HOD of the German Department, Prof. Meenakshi Reddy. He was admitted in the Intensive Care Unit of a private hospital following the distress caused by the death of Mudasir, his friend. We take into consideration the high tally of deaths in this campus and identify that these are not individual cases, but rather a symptom of a deep structural malignancy.

Read the full report-of-the-struggle-committee-for-justice-for-mudasir-kamran

[The report was sent to Cafe Dissensus by Ria De, doctoral student, EFLU.]

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