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The show must (not) go on!

By Chhaya Kaul
A former colleague, during a casual discussion on the plight of government schools rightly commented that what our education system needs is NOT just an overhaul but a complete reboot, even if that means bringing it to a halt and starting anew.

Haan, Main Savitribai Phule

By Mary Ann Chacko
Sushama Deshpande has been performing this play for over 25 years. Hence, there have been occasions when someone who had first seen the play in her adolescence was now the mother of an adolescent herself. Once in a village a lady came and told her that she had decided to educate her daughter despite all obstacles after watching the play.

Have women been excluded in the conceptualization of ‘Youth’?

By Neha Basnet
Young women contribute greatly to the youth initiatives, specifically in freedom struggle, but they are conspicuously absent in the conceptualization of ‘Youth’. Drawing upon youth initiatives during the freedom movement in India and the post-conflict context of contemporary Nepal, this piece questions the limited participation and conspicuous absence of young women vis-à-vis young men.

A Thought about MSS Pandian

By Aashique Iqbal
Vulnerability need not be a recipe for weakness, MSSP seemed to suggest, but an opportunity. By not inhabiting the national mainstream, vulnerable groups could question dominant ideas. This meant not only questioning our opponents but more so those who were close to us, even when they were sympathetic.

Flying Birds of India

By Joyce Yarrow
Many of the films made by the Flying Birds documented the lives of working artists or were made during field trips throughout the city or holiday celebrations. When, after the screening, a young man presented me with an embroidered portrait of Tagore, I made no attempt to hide my tears of gratitude. Being with the Flying Birds had changed me in ways I knew I had yet to acknowledge.

Out of Touch? How this Response to Hokkolorob at Jadavpur University Distracts from its Graded Social Dynamics

By Joyeeta Dey & Anushka Sen
The movement protesting police violence against students in Jadavpur University, Kolkata, is right now in its most vulnerable position. The marching has calmed, a high court order aimed at restoring “normalcy” to the campus has been implemented, the issue is beginning to fade from television and the public imagination, while, in all this time, not a single demand of the protestors has been met.

Ice Bucket Challenge

By Riti Das Dhankar
Be it the Ice Bucket or the Rice Bucket, the challenge is not to unwittingly imitate. True challenge lies in understanding the ideals, the needs, and the causes behind the issue and, then, to do the bit that would actually make a difference, irrespective of the ‘views’ or the ‘likes’ or the ‘shares’ that happen on the social network.

Aspects of National Foundation for Entrepreneurship Development (NFED), India

By Prof. R. Ganesan
The establishment of student-chapters and creation of Entrepreneurship Development Cells as well as professional tie-ups with the leading institutions, varsities, and colleges (arts & sciences and engineering & technology) in the form of Memorandum of Association (MoA) have been the new strategic approach for accomplishing NFED’s mission. It also operates with the aim of grooming students for joining an enterprising culture, thereby opening up new vistas and perspectives in entrepreneurship development.

Activities of National Foundation for Entrepreneurship Development (NFED)

By Prof. R. Ganesan
The FDP on Research & Development focuses more on publication effectiveness and motivates the young research scholars and final year students towards publishing their projects and research study in refereed, indexed conferences and journals. NFED also conducted a couple of open programmes in entrepreneurship and developmental prospects for the public and the agriculturists to foster a spirit of entrepreneurship.

Genesis of National Foundation for Entrepreneurship Development (NFED): A Socialist Perspective

By R. Ganesan
The Founder-Chairman of the National Foundation for Entrepreneurship Development (NFED), India, was guided by ideals of socialism during its initiation and formation. It is headquartered in the Coimbatore District of Tamil Nadu State, India. Since 2003, NFED has been functioning as a virtual organization. During this period, its activities focused on research, training, awareness, extension, etc. It is in 2013, we decided to spearhead all its activities in real-time and congregated a group of wise academicians and professionals to institute NFED as a trust.

Social Entrepreneurship in the Education Sector

By R. Ganesan
It is to be noted that these social entrepreneurs invest money and use the social entrepreneurial tag for enjoying privileges (social status, tax exemption, and redemption). Most often, these investments are purely motivated by profit-making and driven by greed. These institutions seek donations and frequently hike the fee structure and other incidental charges (boarding and lodging).