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Money vs Cricket : Why the World Cup is too long and predictable

By Sahal Muhammed
The game still retains a little bit of that magic despite the best efforts of ICC. For instance, the pulsating game where Ireland beat Zimbabwe to ensure that the only meagre source of excitement in Pool B, an unlikely possibility that Ireland can finish ahead of West Indies, is kept alive.

As if Malabar Hosts the World Cup

By Yoonus Bin Muhmmed
Along with the star players’ elegant cut-outs, the banners highlight a side’s advantages and strengths over its rivals and list the rivals’ feebleness. Sometimes the banners issue stark and aggressive warning against its rivals: ‘No Kakas will fly over Messi’ (Kaka means crow in Malyalam), suggesting the usual rivalry between Brazil and Argentina!

World Cup: The Power of Football

By Mosarrap H. Khan
What is it about football that resonates with billions of people around the globe? Is it just the sheer magic, wizardry, skill, stamina, pace, grace, and beauty? Is it because football is perhaps one of the very few games that depend on the use of limited body parts? Or is it that football has always stood for a means of social mobility for the underdogs?