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Book Review: Romila Thapar, A.G.Noorani, and Sadanand Menon’s ‘On Nationalism’

By Mosarrap H. Khan
On Nationalism is a timely intervention in the ongoing debate about nationalism in India. In moments of national crisis, we must revisit the past ideals of inclusivity and pluralism on which Indian nation was conceived. However, just as the Hindu nationalists continuously reinvent the past to suit their exclusionary nationalist project, the contributors of this collection, too, seem to lapse into a nostalgia for an elusive inclusive past.

Book Review: A.G. Noorani’s ‘The Destruction of Hyderabad’

By Safia Begum
Noorani delves into Patel’s daughter, Maniben Patel’s diary for a revealing observation. Maniben writes, “On 21st August, Patel threatened ‘to resign if army was not sent to Hyderabad’”. He also said, “I am very clear in my mind – if we have to fight – Nizam is finished. We cannot keep this ulcer in the heart of the unions.”