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Blasphemy: Pakistan’s struggle for Decoloniality

By Adil Bhat
While the acquittal of Asia Bibi is a reason to rejoice, the bigger victory lies in the reconstitution of oppressive colonial structures and the eventual repealing of the blasphemy law. Clearly, a colonial inheritance, blasphemy in Pakistan is equally Islamised. Asia Bibi’s case is a window to the clash within – between the liberals and the zealots.


Teaching Animosity: A conversation with students of an RSS shakha

By Adil Bhat
The aggressive education campaign pursued by the RSS and its affiliates is essentially preparing these young children for a war against an unknown enemy – the Muslims. When I asked them if they had ever met a Muslim, the entire lot jumped to respond, “No!”

A Conversation with author, Renu S. Persaud

By Adil Bhat
Self-mastery gives way to deep and meaningful relationships with our selves, and this kindness of self then extends to a deep and meaningful relationship with others. There is also the domino effect because when we pass on our own ability to respect others (by way of self-respect), they do the same, and so on. I discuss this in the hopes of my ultimate goal: The Kindness Revolution….my next writing.

Book Review: Khalid Mir’s ‘Jaffna Street: Tales of Life, Death, Betrayal and Survival in Kashmir’

By Adil Bhat
In building the narrative around Noor’s character, Mir opens up the window to his mind and thoughts that is both narrow and has complete disregard for the life of a Kashmiri, which appears simplistic from the outside, but is otherwise dense and located in politics. A subjective account of a protracted conflict, Khalid’s book lacks nuance and depth.

An Interview with Yashwant Sinha on Kashmir

By Adil Bhat
I do not agree that religious radicalism in the Valley is an outcome of occupation. In fact, it is not an occupation. If it was an occupation, then why would we see the military organizing large number of welfare projects like the Sadbhavna Operation under which a number of Army Goodwill Schools were opened mostly in inaccessible remote areas of the Valley?

Basit Ahanger Murdered: Freedom Rekindled?

By Adil Bhat
The 17-year-old young boy, Basit, was killed by the Indian army personnel on the evening of September 2, 2016. Since his murder, the Valley has erupted in protests. Hailing from Vessu village in Qazigund area of Anantnag, Basit, a first-year undergrad student, succumbed to his pellet injuries on Saturday evening.

The Kashmiri Poetics of Freedom

By Adil Bhat
Pakistan doesn’t defray stones to Kashmiris. These are our stones and our protests, our pen and our poetics of resistance, our land and our struggle for freedom. These ineffective and often absurd measures and conclusions that India jumps to make have failed in the past and are bound to fail in future. The call for peace lies in the history of an unfulfilled promise, that is, the promise of plebiscite.

TO THE FASCISTOID INDIANS: Kashmir’s Media under Siege

By Adil Bhat
With the seizing of newspapers and shutting down of television cable channels in the Valley, on July 16, the ongoing military onslaught has transformed into political fascism. This is the new low. The unprecedented gagging of press in Kashmir demonstrates the fascist oppression of the Modi-led Government in New Delhi.