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Book Excerpt: Kalpana Pathak’s ‘Breaking the Mould: Alternative Schools in India’

By Kalpana Pathak
Alternative schools are schools which provide an alternative (a non-traditional education system) to mainstream education. Mostly child-centred schools, these base themselves on a number of philosophies. Their approach to studies and teaching are different from the run-of-the-mill schools.

Homeschooling: A Shift in Perception and A Way of Life

By Sonnal Pardiwala
What made us at ease was the outlook of these parents – instead of judging their kids through the eyes of a teacher or through their own notions of what the child “should do,” they focused on actually taking a peek into who their child was. If he/she does not like reading Hindi, maybe he does not. If he does not like a certain math problem, he does not. This philosophy says “the child does have a right to not like something. Does he have to be compelled and made guilty for getting it done?”

A “teacher, but not trained”: David Horsburgh and the Neel Bagh Experiment

By Sachin Tiwari
A unique feature at the school was the question hour, where students would gather and raise questions that came to their mind. These sessions were not structured with a purpose to “teach” the children but were designed to work with observations made by the children themselves. Thus curiosity served as a point of entry and inquiry into a larger area of concern for everyone.