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Book Excerpt: Kalpana Pathak’s ‘Breaking the Mould: Alternative Schools in India’

By Kalpana Pathak
Alternative schools are schools which provide an alternative (a non-traditional education system) to mainstream education. Mostly child-centred schools, these base themselves on a number of philosophies. Their approach to studies and teaching are different from the run-of-the-mill schools.

Digantar: A Glimpse at an Alternative Approach to Education

By Riti Das Dhankar
Every step that leads towards an unconventional path is met with impediments and speculations. It is easy to gain support for an established idea but not for an alternative one. A school that debunks the idea of classrooms and has groups where every child is at a different level is not something that would go down well with parents, whose idea of a school is one where the teacher writes on the blackboard and every child in the classroom is at the same level.