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Elections in North East India

By Ananya S Guha
What however does not augur well for the political future is setting up governments at any cost, although the introduction of terms like ‘facilitator’ have brought in a new idiom of political pragmatism. But hypothetically speaking, if there is a change in the center in the next Parliament elections, will the situation be more fluid? Will ‘horse trading’ come back full circle?

India faces a constitutional crisis

By Ananya S Guha
The external politics of Hindu nationalism is managed by the leader, who gives the impression to the outside world that this India wants peace and amity and is ready to mediate among warring nations. And the rest of the world has been fooled by this discourse.

Ankit Saxena’s murder: Text and context

By Ananya S Guha
Inter-faith marriages have been dubbed as ‘love jihad’. Before Ankit, Afrajul was killed on the pretext of ‘love jihad’. Things concocted to produce hatred become reality, a reality purged of truth. This then becomes the pretext for murder. And this slow poison of hatred gnaws at the innards of an otherwise organic society.

The Lost Christmas Card

By Ananya S Guha
But modernity and development embody change: cars honking and people in shopping spree. The quaint Shillong of my childhood is in itself my most precious and ineluctable Christmas Card.

Padmavati controversy: What is history?

By Ananya S Guha
Did Khilji’s falling in love with the Queen determine the forces of history? The praxis of history is change, laws of determinants taking further course into the future – it is futuristic. It is past as well, when viewed from the vantage point of the present.

Will the ‘better’ survive in India?

By Ananya S Guha
We are now living under conditions, where might is right and anarchy is let loose anywhere in the name of religion, caste, politics or community. So, Dalits cannot sport a moustache and cows cannot be used for economic benefit or as cattle.

Three Poems

By Ananya S Guha
this small town lunging ahead 
to the crisis of city 
Even as the traffic in its mad rush 
halts to let an old lady pass by 
with a half smile

Unity of Perception in Swami Vivekananda

By Ananya S Guha
Vivekananda should be understood as a man who intuited the concept of a nation, bonded by oneness, long before the freedom movement. He wanted to explore each and every corner of the country. He was enamored of its depth and diversity, its essentials meaningfulness as a nation-state; he also marveled at its ancient heritage of a resonant spiritualism, and a wakeful wisdom.

My politics is better than yours

By Ananya S Guha
Both rightists and leftists have failed to rise above petty party politics. And some of the intellectuals, writers, and artists are also guilty of the same crime, too. No one is willing to take an objective and unbiased view. Positions are taken, sides are chosen.