When India, the secular state started it’s journey, it made a promise to treat all of its citizens equally. Within two years of the constitution, it made a law that Hindu temples and its resources can be taken in by the state, and used for non temple purposes. By the end of its 67th Independence day, it had made reservations a permanent thing, RTE act applicable to majority institutions. The population of Hindus had come down from, drastically in Pakistan and Bangladesh, and it isn’t different in India either. Both Islam and Christianity are religions that require its members to invite the non believers to join them. They are voting en-bloc, which is encouraged by politicians, and not commented on by the leftist intellectuals.

These are some of the concerns of the Hindus. (I’d say there are two kinds of Hindus here. Ones who would consider themselves Indian, different from their Hindu identity, and others to whom they’re the same. I’m talking for the latter.) They have reason for these concerns. It’s a democracy. Let their concerns be on the table. If the Hindus of this country have an issue, it should be open to discussion. Telling them “Your concerns are invalid because we’re a secular country” is not acceptable to them anymore.

Ms. Guha has called Nationalism an insanity. Only this insanity can keep this country together. We have too many differences to let the one glue that held us together go.