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Religious sermons to resist the Islamic State threat to humanity

By Ashraf Thachar
Sheikh Zainudheen Makhdoom, one of most famous Sufi saints in Kerala, who lived in the 16th century AD, stood with the Hindu King against the exploitative rule of Portuguese colonialism. The important thing we could learn in this context is that it was beyond the Islamic Fiqhi (jurisprudential) instructions, because the Fiqh never made a provision of being with an infidel to fight against an army.

Celebration of Prophet Muhammad’s Birthday Brings Together Hindus and Muslims

By Ashraf Thachar
Our Hindu friends will even mute the ring-tones in their mobile phones when they hear the azan from the mosque, whereas we merely turn the volume down. This is quite a picture of the respect that Hindu brothers in Kerala show to their brothers in other religions.

Our Children, Our Future

By Ashraf Thachar
Since children are not bothered about the insecurity of time and space, they still tend to be kind humans, who love their neighbors, irrespective of religion and culture. They promise new hopes and ideas for the betterment of our future.