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Of Patanjali, Saint Sankardev and the Infuriated “Assamese”

By Daisy Barman
We need to remember, however, the ignorance and hypocrisy of the Assamese who should have shown outrage and protested centuries ago. Sankardev’s egalitarian principles have been under attack since his demise in 1568 AD, not by the supposed “outsiders”, but by his own people.

Who is a ‘Citizen’ in Assam?

By Ananya S Guha
By protesting against the Bill, the civil society and social bodies in Assam have expressed their apprehension that it is going to be used mainly to stop Muslim migration. This a very just appropriation of matters, and will certainly take the central government by surprise. The BJP government in Assam might have thought that after the victory in the assembly elections, there would be no reaction.

Marginal men in a marginal place: Quiltmakers in Silchar

By Suranjana Choudhury
I don’t see these quiltmakers very often now. These days we generally prefer the readymade quilts as they are easily accessible. In Silchar or in Shillong, where I stay now, their visibility over a period of years has decreased significantly. A post-globalised universe has fiercely transformed our imagination and cravings. I perceive these lost professionals as parallel recipients and victims of a changed world.

Ending the Practice of ‘Witch-Hunting’ in Assam: An Interview with Archana Bhattacharjee about Birubala Rabha’s Work

By Joyce Yarrow
‘Witch-hunting’ in Assam involves branding a woman as a witch or daini, mostly based on the declaration of an Ojha or Bez (quack doctor).This usually happens when villagers approach the village Ojha about someone who has a chronic ailment and the Ojah identifies a woman as the source of the sickness and she is branded as a daini or witch.

The Banality of Evil: Nagaland Lynching

By Riti Das Dhankar
As these images were splashed in newspapers and news channels, one saw a crowd of thousands of men finding pleasure in inflicting pain, making videos, clicking pictures, dragging a dead man tied behind a vehicle and then hanging his body. How could a crowd of humans target a defenseless man, kill him, and find pleasure in doing so?