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‘Jiski zubaan Urdu ki tarah’: Bollywood’s role in reviving Urdu

By Kouser Fathima
Bollywood films down the years have contributed hugely for keeping Urdu alive. When Urdu speakers themselves were turning their back on the language in the last few decades, credit must be given to Bollywood Urdu patrons for reviving the language and making it cool enough for the millenials to love it.

Sanjay Leela Bhansali, the latest chapter in the rise of Hindu radicalization

By Murtaza Ali Khan
Everybody keeps talking about the extreme side of Islam and its endless dangers but tend to overlook the maleficent ways of Hindu fundamentalism. What has happened to Bhansali is a classic example of the rise of Hindu extremism in the country, post-2014 general elections. With the NDA government not too keen on tightening its grip on them, these Hindu extremist groups feel that they can take the law in hands and still go scot-free.

The Fascinating Journey of SRK

By Kouser Fathima
SRK has had a long journey, every turn of which is fascinating, successful, and larger than life. His journey has not yet ended. Rather, a new era has started which, we assume, will be as exciting as his older ones. I hope he would continue to teach and inspire men to be chivalrous and refined which is largely lacking in this time and era.

How and why does Bollywood promote stalking?

By Kouser Fathima
One can imagine the impact this hit movie had on his fans. Many guys must have come out of the movie hall thinking it is not only okay to stalk a girl but that stalking was heroic, something which can be done without any remorse or regret. That it’s okay to follow a girl, trying to impress her against her wish, until she eventually reciprocates the feeling.

Film Review: Shujaat Saudagar’s ‘Rock On 2’

By Nadira Khan
A scattered plot doesn’t help weak performances from the actors. The film solely focuses on Farhan Akhtar, who appears utterly confused and distracted without any reason: sometimes, he is dedicated to his adopted village; at other times, he is the devoted lead vocalist of ‘Magic’.

The Decline of the Bollywood Heroine

By Kouser Fathima
Homemakers to working women are trying to be seen and heard, in contrast to the Bollywood heroine, who is reduced to being an arm-candy to the male superstar. Bollywood economics, film makers, and the entry of corporate money into the industry have changed the dynamics of Bollywood.

Melody in film: The Hindi film song as a cultural product (Part III)

By Roshni Sengupta
The turn of the millennium made the filmic landscape more varied, more experimental and definitely more stimulating. As the discursive space became increasingly narrow with competing religious fundamentalisms dotting the political mindscape, the Hindi film song would turn into an offshoot of the main narrative, often being presented at the end of the film as the credits rolled.

Melody in film: The Hindi film song as a cultural product (Part II)

By Roshni Sengupta
Although a number of films had been produced in the 1960s in colour, the 1970s could be described as the first decade of the colour medium in Hindi cinema. Accompanying the dawn of colour, however, was an embryonic sense of general despondency in politics – the Nehruvian era had come to an end and with it the raucous positivity and enthusiasm for nation-building.