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The need for ‘Love After Babel’

By Chanchal Kumar
Love After Babel will be remembered as the prime example of a poet’s love letter to language, which can be a reluctant, unyielding beloved. Its appearance in our midst couldn’t have been timelier. We needed a Love After Babel to remind us why Dalit poetry has always been far superior to Brahmin-savarna’s, in other words, the mainstream’s attempts at writing verse, not that we had any doubt to begin with.

Reflections on Chandramohan S’s poetry

By Aaron Sherraden
Ceiling fans hover above the lynched victims, draped with blue flags, an image of the Ambedkar Students’ Association banner that Rohith Vemula used to hang himself from the hostel ceiling fan at the University of Hyderabad.

Book Review: Chandramohan S’ ‘Letters to Namdeo Dhasal’

By Rochelle Potkar
I have read an average amount of poetry, much less Dalit literature, but the other poet who comes to mind when reading Chandramohan is Meena Kandasamy. I won’t compare their poetry, because we need voices as strong as these and more to make for a compelling discourse that can affect the shifting of mindsets, and thence physical milieus and manifestations.