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China and India: The New Great Game Redefined

By Mir Sajad
Only time can tell whether India and China can live up to the high expectations among many that they will be rising for decades to come. If both giants were to become the leading actors in the “New Asian Drama” and help transform the region from the “poverty of nations” to the “wealth of nations”, then their rise will not only benefit themselves but also possibly spearhead a new Asian Renaissance.


Mumbai Chinatown and Bitter Memories of the Chinese-Indian

By Sameer Khan
After the War with India in 1962, there was a general hostility towards the Chinese-Indians all over India. The local people looked upon them with suspicion. The Chinese-Indians were considered the fifth column by the government and many were sent to internment camps.

Zippity Zap: A what-if on the MAS Flight370 Disappearance

By Achyut Dutt
China defines Air Defense Identification Zone over disputed Japanese Senkaku Islands. A carrier task force, headed by the Liaoning, starts aggressive patrols in the Sea of Japan, the busiest commercial shipping lane in the world. The tinderbox is lit. Time now for the US to prepare for a “live” test.