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Zafar Sareshwala: Muslim well-wisher or a self-serving businessman?

By M. Ghazali Khan
Murderers, looters, rapists and arsonists are being issued clean chits one after the other but those who dared challenge these injustices, like Teesta Seetalvad, Javed Anand, late Ahsan Jafri’s son, Tanveer Jafri, are implicated in court cases while killer cops and politicians are being let off the hook one after the other.

Should Indian Muslims Engage with Prime Minister Modi?

By Arshi Khan
Muslims need the fulfillment of their constitutional rights for which the Republic of India was created. Muslims cannot accept a State worse than the colonial masters as they were not so cruel, dishonest and violent against their subjects. The citizens are not hosts to welcome a government but to watch it and to criticize it if it goes beyond the statutory rim.

A Short Film on Communalism and Manto

By Cafe Dissensus
I could see that Shyam was deeply moved. I could well understand what was passing through his mind. When we left, I said to him: ‘I am a Muslim. Don’t you want to kill me?’ ‘Not now,’ he replied gravely, ‘but while I was listening to them and learning of the atrocities committed by the Muslims, I could have killed you.’

Nafisa and Hyderabad: The Social Activist and the City

By Mosarrap H. Khan
Nizam’s Hyderabad metamorphosed into a shiny, new city with wide roads, modern steel-and-glass structures, swanky cars, and multinational eateries. Ten days into my stay, I was on my way to the Old City, originally founded by the Nizams. Once on the periphery of the Nizam’s city, the landscape was perceptible different.

Documentary: Muzaffarnagar Bleeds: A Reenactment of Gujarat Riots, 2002

By Mosarrap H. Khan
Both the ANHAD and the Citizens’ Report detail the gruesome killings, looting, and assault on women during the riots. Vaseela from village Laakh narrates that her daughter was brutally gang raped and then burnt alive. On the 8th of September, when the family was fleeing their village, her daughter, who was keeping unwell, was caught by four men and gang raped. She was then burnt alive.

No Muslims, please!

By Nazmul Hussain
The statement shook me and forced me to think that the discrimination is not only based on religious background but also on culture and language, too. I felt a tremor but, taking control of myself, asked the couple gently: ‘Do you think I am not Bengali?

Film: Rendezvous with Shyam Benegal

By Nadira Khan
He seemed very eager to narrate the history of the Hindi film industry and how Urdu language and Hindustani culture played a crucial role in the early period of its development. He said that Hindi, as is often thought, is a not a recent language. Rather, it existed before in a different form.