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Coronavirus, Critical Geographies and Geospatial Revolution

By Mir Sajad
In India, MapmyIndia Maps and Move app enable users to locate, view and reach testing labs nearby and subsequent isolation and treatment facilities. Users can have a first-hand account of the facilities and can add reviews of the centres there, helping other users with updated and critical knowledge regarding the conditions and status of quarantine and isolation facilities.

How Coronavirus would change the landscape of Indian politics

By Shahnawaz Afaque
People are depending on their governments for protection against the virus, and given the opportunity to experiment with all the ‘Emergency’ powers that the situation demands, the persistence of totalitarian regimes is inevitable after the pandemic recedes.

The economics of coronavirus

By Junaid Ashraf
Add to this the interconnectedness of the global economy: when one country sneezes, the entire world catches the flu. It is high time for economists and greedy bankers to come out of the cocoon and listen to the question that the old granny asked twelve years back at the LSE.