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Legal Framework for Mob Lynching in India: A Day Late and a Dollar short

By Pranav Tanwar & Saurabh Pandey
In criminal law special situations need special kind of laws. The crime of mob lynching needs a specific law which can address limitations which arise in our criminal justice system. Also, the defense of multiplicity of laws does not render solution to these problems.

The profiling of Dalit characters in Hindi cinema over the years

By Puja Roy
They have been depicted as dark and timid (Damul, 1985), primitive and scantily dressed (Mrigaya, 1977), alcoholic (Ankur, 1974), and sometimes, even physically challenged (Lagaan, 2001). A happy, cheerful Dalit character doing normal things that others do has hardly been shown on screen.

The spatial apartheid of marginalized sections in India

By Sadiq Zafar
A procession of Dalits was attacked by a group of upper caste men in Bhima-Koregaon, Maharashtra. In UP’s Muzaffarnagar, a Dalit was beaten and forced to chant ‘Jai Sri Ram’. On any given day, a few news anchors reveal a new geographical setting, where a Dalit has been subjected to violence, threat or abuse. Many a time, such incidents are filmed by the abusers and circulated over social media, which becomes the news later.

Dalit, Ambedkarite and South Asian Organisations in the UK Condemn Police and Maratha Attacks on Dalits in Nashik

By South Asia Solidarity Group
Having rejected Hinduism, these Dalit Neo-Buddhists do not adhere to the age-old caste system that has exploited them for centuries and refuse to prostrate before the powerful Marathas. Dalit assertion has caused great consternation within the Marathas. This is evident from the Marathas conspicuously sparing other Dalit groups and selectively targeting Ambedkarite Buddhist homes.

An Appeal: Revoke the Unjust Suspension and Social Boycott of 5 Dalit Research Scholars @University of Hyderabad!

By Joint Action Committee for Social Justice, University of Hyderabad
We, the students of University of Hyderabad and the undersigned are enraged by this atrocious decision and appeal to you to intervene in this matter and take action on all the University of Hyderabad officials for succumbing to the pressures from BJP and the BJP ministers whoforced the University of Hyderabad administration to implement the suspension and social boycott of the five Dalit research scholars without any enquiry and helped the ABVP President file the false case.