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Sir Syed’s vision of democratic education

By Muhammed Shafeeque
The first students’ union in India was set up at AMU to inculcate values of democracy. The union resembled the Oxford debating club and he offered special awards to the best speakers. This reinforces his commitment to education, which must hone democratic values in students.

Odyssey of education in Kashmir

By Asif Bhat
Initially, the fruits of the modern education were reaped by the children of Kashmiri pundits. The CMS School was, in fact, monopolized by them. Muslims, on the other hand, from the very beginning of English education, did not show much interest in it. There were so many factors responsible for this. The pundits possessed the economic means to acquire education while, Muslims were very poor. The Muslim clergymen made them believe that by studying English they would become Christians.

Our Children, Our Future

By Ashraf Thachar
Since children are not bothered about the insecurity of time and space, they still tend to be kind humans, who love their neighbors, irrespective of religion and culture. They promise new hopes and ideas for the betterment of our future.

Decolonizing the Language

By Maulshree Gangwar
Macaulay’s effort to replace instruction in Sanskrit and Arabic/Persian to English still dominates the educational system. Sanskrit is taught in some curricula but other than that it has become a defunct language because nobody talks in Sanskrit in India. English continues to dominate as the instructional and conversational language.