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Book Review: Nitin Sridhar’s ‘Menstruation Across Cultures: A Historical Perspective’

By Soma Mondal
By invoking and dedicating the book to women, it tries to invoke feminist favour for the subject he has undertaken. The book is anything but feminist as the author who is a Sanatana Dharma (Hindu eternal law) follower tries to provide a rationale for understanding and imbibing religious laws as the context for understanding menstruation.


Shouldn’t surrogacy be an option?

By Sadia Hashmi
It is the patriarchal woman who makes other women suffer, too. Those patriarchal women are the ones who have the same mind-set that of patriarchal men. They give priority to male chauvinists. All they demand from woman by the means of affinity is to give them a baby; even today boy-child is very much preferred.

Feminism and politics of suspicion

By Amit Bindal
This distinction between believing in women as opposed to believing the accounts of women’s oppression demonstrates and opens up the possibilities of combating sexual harassment without abandoning the rule of law. It is the denial of credibility and suspicion of the complainant inherent in the law and legal process that has led to the failure of due process.

Telliscope: The contradictions of femininity

By Ashley Tellis
If Zeenat Aman and Sridevi used femininity to build their careers and fortunes, it is precisely that femininity that did them in in their personal lives. But how does one explain their naivete, their utter, utter stupidity when it came to men and love? It is one thing to say one can never know the internal logic of a relationship between two people but another to justify the sort of violence that Zeenat Aman faced then and is facing at this age.

The Decline of the Bollywood Heroine

By Kouser Fathima
Homemakers to working women are trying to be seen and heard, in contrast to the Bollywood heroine, who is reduced to being an arm-candy to the male superstar. Bollywood economics, film makers, and the entry of corporate money into the industry have changed the dynamics of Bollywood.

Nothing Honourable in Honour Killings

By Kouser Fathima
Ironically many boys from these families lead horrible lives, get into drugs, harass women, and indulge in gambling or worse crimes. But they are seldom shot or killed by the families. When was the last time a boy was killed for bringing dishonour to the family?

A Conversation with Ruth Vanita

By Mary Ann Chacko
At that time women’s issues were not taken seriously as political issues. For instance, the political parties barely mentioned women’s issues in one paragraph and newspapers or magazines would have a ladies’ page. There were magazines like Femina and Eve’s Weekly but they were mostly about, you know, home-making, some about working women, too, but mostly romantic fiction, fashion and things like that.

Film Review: R. Balki’s ‘Ki and Ka’ (2016)

By Kouser Fathima
Though the movie starts on a high note, it later fails to live up to the mark. This is a usual story of one workaholic spouse and another supportive spouse. However, the difference is that the wife is the workaholic one, while the husband acts as the waiting spouse at home.