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Short Story: Boarding School

By Nishi Pulugurtha
On the day of the school reunion, we school mates looked different, we were different, but that day when we met and spoke, we became school girls all over again – those giggles, that laughter, those stories, it was as if that time in between had not wrought much  change.


Short Story: Curfew

By Dev Chaudhry
I took my pen from the counter and we left the shop, without saying anything. Nobody spoke anything on our way back to school. We had never had such a long journey in our life before. A senseless journey with dead feet and lead laden hearts.

Short Story: Mona had come to me today…

By Binay Majumdar
I told Mona—Hey Mona, do you know Leonardo Da Vinci was born in a village near Akuli Hills in Italy? He painted the Mona Lisa. You are a Mona; and even she is a Mona! This Leonardo was an engineer and a mathematician too. His hand-painted pictures of helicopters are still there.

Short Story: Poorvi and tequila sunrise

By Moinak Dutta
A song played at the bar. ‘Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy…’ Poorvi took the shots. They were lovely. There was a slight burning feeling in her throat. But that was better, much better than all the burns she had borne within.

Short Story: Arrival

By Debarshi Mitra
She kept gazing at platforms outside while the ‘Rajdhani’ sped past them, past the paddy fields and the temples, the streets and the factories, the garbage piles and impoverished men in decrepit houses. I did little to break the spell of silence.

Book Review: Abdullah Khan’s ‘Patna Blues’

By Arifa Yesmin
Muslim culture, which is assumed to be more rigid on sexual promiscuity, can never approve of Arif’s clandestine relation with Sumitra. Arif’s looming fear becomes a threat to his love for the woman. This timely story also reflects on the ongoing communal struggle in the country.

Short Story: A Monsoon Dream

By Amita Roy
The unassuming, short, and insignificant Utpal on stage was a transformed personality, sending out positive vibes keeping spectators spellbound. Everyone was engrossed as his sonorous voice glided over a poem of Jibanananda Das or Shakti Chattopadhyay with full throated ease.

Blacklight: Swachh Bharat (Short Story)

By Tanushree Ghosh
Next morning Ramu reached outside 702 Pitampura last, finishing all other houses in the row first. To his delight, the trash was all outside – the big bin and extra plastic bags – shining in the morning sun supplementing the garbage strewn around the gully.

Short Story: Half the Story

By Dev Chaudhry
Our now-almost-famous writer had written a story of a woman from Bediya community in Morena district in Madhya Pradesh. This was a story of a girl, who rebelled against her destiny of becoming a performing artist, which was each girl’s fate in her community. Instead, she decided to go to the school that Snehi Baba ran for girls like her.