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Rituparno Ghosh’s ‘Dosar’: A dissection of dainty emotions

By Rimli Bhattacharya
The movie weaves a bouquet of dainty emotions. Koushik’s journey in dealing with the loss of his loved one and winning back his wife’s trust has not been a smooth sailing. Not to forget the broken husband of Mita who has in him the impotent rage in his failure to confront his deceased, unfaithful wife.

Film Review: The Piano (1993)

By Aastha Joshi
The Piano is a movie everyone has been talking about ever since it was first played at Cannes where it won the Palme d’Or. It is one of those exceptional movies that is not just about a story, or some roles, but about a whole cosmos of feeling.

Decoding ‘Zero’: From Disability Studies Perspectives

By Santosh Kumar
Bauaa Singh’s selection for the Mars mission treats him as an object for the experiment given the fact that there was no certainty to coming back safe to the Earth. The short stature and academic credentials of Bauaa Singh is nullified with his level of endurance. It is disturbing to note that Bauaa Singh becomes a substitute for chimpanzee because of the filmmakers’ want of heroism.

The Truth was at Warner Bros

By Vivaan Shah
It seems evident to me at least in metaphorical terms that if Disney represented splendor, MGM glamour, Paramount pomp, Universal the circling globe, then the truth was at Warner Bros!