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Statement Condemning Violence at Ramjas College, Delhi University

By Students, Alumna, and Associates of Department of English, Delhi University
An attack on Dr. Prasanta Chakravarty is a blatant attack on each and every member of the English Department, as we have learned more than we can encompass in this statement from his lectures, ideas, and discussions both inside and outside the classroom. He taught us to speak truth to power and this practice is most needed today when he was physically assaulted not more than five hundred meters away from the English Department.

NDTV and our collective ‘liberal’ orgasm

By Mosarrap H. Khan
If the current government has the audacity to trample our media, the responsibility lies with our ‘soft’ liberals as well. Until we have a genuinely liberal media in India, Ravish Kumar’s histrionics would only periodically enable our collective orgasm.