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Ismat Aapa and Her Zenana

By Malvika Sharma
Aapa gives us courage through her Zenana, and asks us to shed this fear and shame, be naked, and let the world close its eyes in case our nakedness bothers them.

Narrating the Political in Women

By Malvika Sharma
The Aurat in Schreiner, Wollstonecraft and Azmi are marching towards this freedom to become a part of a larger freedom for the mankind. They dream and aspire to be free so that there can be equality.

Airing impairment: Pandemic Reinforcing Masculinity within Families in India

By Manasi Sinha & Pratyush Bibhakar
With the shrinking of public-sphere (due to this prolonged lockdown) which is considered a male bastion in India, a toxic masculinity is increasingly mushrooming in the private-sphere threatening girls and women with a perpetual fear of violence, abuse and rape.

COVID-19 and Gender-based Violence

By Niharika Boro & Javid Majeed
The strict lockdown enforced to check the spread of coronavirus in the country has closed the only avenues to escape violence such as moving to natal homes or contacting local police or NGOs.

Early Marriage, Adolescent Pregnancies, and Patriarchy in India

By Jagriti Gangopadhyay
Unless sons and daughters both receive equal access and opportunities within the household, patriarchal structures will continue adolescent girls into marriage. With constant debates around equal pay, inclusive work environment for women, rise of single mothers, the Government of India should pay serious attention to adolescent pregnancy rates in India.

Representation of Women in Video Games: Questions on Social Control

By Shubrojyoti Mookherjee
It is mostly suggested through games like GTA (Grand Theft Auto) and the like, that girls are expected to be dependent victims and that their only concern is to maintain beauty and sexual appeal. On the other hand, boys may understand their role to be a protector of women, as they are apparently inherently stronger and powerful.

Taboo(-ed) and Terror(-ised): The Hermeneutics of Menstruation

By Soma Mandal
The imagination of a Hindu Rashtra (Hindu nation) with a Hindu Nari (woman) at the centre epitomizing Savitri and Sita as ideal figures of femininity and virtue established the idea of a Hindu masculine state that could rule the non-Hindu world. The human reproduction cycle made explicit by menstruation did not fit the clean image of Sita and Savitri and polluted the purity of hyper-masculine Hindu text and the sub-text of Hindu life-forms which needed to be lived through piety and worship.

Short Story: The virgin whore

By Rashid Askari
Really the Hindu girls were sweeter than the Muslim ones. He claimed to be a devout Muslim. He disliked everything of other religions except for women. He loved to graze in others’ fields leaping over the fence. He became the right producer of Angurbala.