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Gauri Shinde’s ‘Dear Zindagi’ – The great leveler

By Sanhita Chatterjee
‘Dear Zindagi’ has set a precedent and will hopefully be followed by many such pursuits in order to dent the “narrow domestic” walls built by the patriarchs. Hopefully, someday a woman’s voice won’t sound as odd as it does today.

Poems: Women Martyrs

By Faakirah Irfan
The women who are raped in war zones
Aren’t martyrs,
There is no honor in rape.

Milli Gazette and Its Misogyny

By Kouser Fathima
But sadly, the people at Milli Gazette are trying to push a regressive ideology, wherein the victim is blamed for her rape. In the name of honor, the portal seems to be indirectly justifying the act.

The Drama about Triple Talaq and Instant Triple Talaq

By Kouser Fathima
The sudden interest of the present government may be new but the bigger question is: Why hasn’t anything been done about the TT issue in all these years? Why were no efforts made to reform the laws? Why were no efforts made to hear the voices of women and of educated Muslims who wanted to have a say in the way the laws were made and implemented? The All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) must answer these questions.

Memoirs of a rape survivor’s friend

By Faakirah Irfan
The next time she opened up to me about her rape was in class. One fine day she came up to me and told me everything that had happened to her. My heart raced the entire night as I collided with the realities of life I hadn’t known. I wept by the side of bed alone without getting inside the sheets to sleep.

Kashmir’s Unsung Heroes

By Faakirah Irfan
Women of Kashmir with all your strength, your valor, your pride, your magnificence, your patience, your resilience, you are the definition of what a woman is. You battered the mountains and crushed the rocks, with your blood, and with the granite of your courage, you built the entire city.

The Decline of the Bollywood Heroine

By Kouser Fathima
Homemakers to working women are trying to be seen and heard, in contrast to the Bollywood heroine, who is reduced to being an arm-candy to the male superstar. Bollywood economics, film makers, and the entry of corporate money into the industry have changed the dynamics of Bollywood.

Nothing Honourable in Honour Killings

By Kouser Fathima
Ironically many boys from these families lead horrible lives, get into drugs, harass women, and indulge in gambling or worse crimes. But they are seldom shot or killed by the families. When was the last time a boy was killed for bringing dishonour to the family?

Two Poems

By Tanushree Ghosh
But why then her eyes were always searching
For an approval
Why she tried so hard – to make the rotis round?

Film Review: R. Balki’s ‘Ki and Ka’ (2016)

By Kouser Fathima
Though the movie starts on a high note, it later fails to live up to the mark. This is a usual story of one workaholic spouse and another supportive spouse. However, the difference is that the wife is the workaholic one, while the husband acts as the waiting spouse at home.