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Why vilifying Nehru doesn’t work

By Haris Ahmed
Over the years Nehru has become the most reviled figure and rightly so: he’s an anathema for the pseudo-nationalists. His unflinching commitment to secularism, his ideas of democracy, and socialism are a constant eyesore for the majoritarian nationalists.

Short Story: The Black Diamond

By Haris Ahmed
All these years and despite all odds, she had always ensured that her kids won’t turn into some petty urchins like the hundreds of children in the village, who were stuck in the vicious cycle of penury, bereft of a future of their own.

Short Story: Gods and Rivers

By Haris Ahmed
Today as he undertakes this arduous journey to the highlands, the survivors are all brethren, equals to each other. “Justice is finally served!” he sighed looking up towards the azure sky as he and other survivors passed through a narrow track perched across a valley.

The Less Fortunate

By Haris Ahmed
The man was shivering; a young lad shoved him down on his knees. Another man loaded his rifle. Before the crowd could react, the man lay lifeless in a pool of blood. The crowd began cheering and roaring in frenzy.