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Upholding the ‘Idea of India’ in Difficult Times

By Md. Israr Alam
I too assert that so long as these thousands ‘becauses’ are alive – I shall remain INDIAN. I do not give anyone the right to say, ‘You do not belong to India, so get out and go’! As Rahi said, “Why should go, sahib? I will not go.”

Let’s talk hope after the assembly elections

By Ananya S Guha
Those who believe that the entire vision of a country will be reworked under a strong central government must wait and watch. Legerdemain has always been chants of the ruling party and political parties in general. The idea is to give space to all communities, castes, and religious groups in the country and rediscover their plurality and Indianness, which includes the majority Hindus.