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The Public Voice: Selection in place of Election?

By Ananya S Guha
Yes, we select not elect. We have selections not elections. We have no political parties but goodwill bodies who will think of the common good not divisively but wisely. Can we do that and subvert tradition, the kind of tradition that has brought money power and crass division in its wake?

The Election Commission of India: In search of a credible autonomous institution in India

By Shahid Jamal
Despite a clear warning from the Election Commission prohibiting political parties from using the name of armed forces for political gain in any manner during election campaign, Modi went ahead and asked people to dedicate their votes to the Martyrs of Pulwama and heroes of Balakot air strikes. India has seen many Prime Ministers losing elections but has never seen a PM losing his marbles.

Elections in North East India

By Ananya S Guha
What however does not augur well for the political future is setting up governments at any cost, although the introduction of terms like ‘facilitator’ have brought in a new idiom of political pragmatism. But hypothetically speaking, if there is a change in the center in the next Parliament elections, will the situation be more fluid? Will ‘horse trading’ come back full circle?