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Short Story: Relieved

By Tapan Mozumdar
Ten minutes later, Neera came out of that ramshackle home nourished with a glass of buttermilk on the matriarch’s insistence. Notwithstanding the slippery bathroom that was offered to her after flushing it with a bucket of water, she was relieved of the pressure on her bladder and years of prejudices.

Book Review: Neyaz Farooquee’s ‘An Ordinary Man’s Guide to Radicalism: Growing up Muslim in India’

By Fahad Hashmi
Neyaz Farooquee’s memoir, An Ordinary Man’s Guide to Radicalism: Growing up Muslim in India, unravels the tattered, bruised, and anguished conscience of a young Muslim boy who lives in the vicinity of Batla House in Okhla, which shoots into infamy following a police ‘encounter’ that takes place in the area as the cops try to flush out suspected terrorists holed up in a flat.

Muslim Discussions: Is Shehla Rashid Muslim?

By Asma Anjum Khan
As per tradition, we were recently discussing the faith of a young woman activist, who was brave enough in Modi times to throw all caution to the wind and crave for justice. Yes, I am talking about immensely likeable, Ms. Shehla Rashid Shora of JNU.

Bihar Election: Do the Means Justify the Ends?

By Mosarrap H. Khan
In case the BJP had won the Bihar election, there would have been another fall-out. People like Anupam Kher would have stood vindicated that the BJP stands for development and prosperity and not intolerance (communal or otherwise), as has been claimed.

Asiya’s Story

By Safia Begum
One fine day, I went away with him and started living with him. We never married but lived together. I suspected that I might have been pregnant.

Why this Fatwagiri-Di?

By Asma Anjum Khan
May I rent my home to a person from a different sect? May I make friends with a Deoo or Barell? May I eat goodies prepared by them? May I donate blood to a Salafi or may I have Barelvi blood in my veins, if I meet with an accident?

Yakub Memon, A MUSLIM, Was Hanged

By Mosarrap H. Khan
Who would return the youthful innocence of millions of Muslim teenagers like me who lived their formative years in the shadow of Babri Masjid demolition and the riots that followed? To whom was justice served by taking Yakub Memon’s life? Certainly, this was no justice for Muslims in India.

Nirbhaya and Korpan Shah: Two Stories, Two Trajectories

By Nandini Ghosh
Korpan, on the other hand, is just the opposite of all that Nirbhaya represented – a mentally ill man, with little education and no stable job, hence with very few aspirations in life. Moreover, the aspersion of theft of a mobile phone made him more culpable for the crime he was accused of. It is almost believable that a mentally ill man with little money would be prone to committing such a crime.