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Of shocking killing videos: The smokescreen of morality in Kashmir

By Waqas Farooq Kuttay
Most of the militants active at present are around twenties; with limited experience of life they seem to operate without any code and purely out of passion on many occasions. It looks like they can kill anybody they want. The problem is that a 14-year-old, killed in an encounter at Bandipora was called a martyr, and no one dared to call him a child soldier.

The UN Report on Kashmir

By Syed Mujtaba Hussain
Where India had reacted sharply to the UN report, at the same time Pakistan accepted the report and officially announced that it was ready to facilitate the Commission of Inquiry as proposed in a recent UN report to Pakistan-administered Kashmir if India gives a similar access to the UN team to Jammu and Kashmir.

Frozen Rage in Kashmir

By Zaboor Ahmad
Losing the only Muslim majority state to Pakistan would have sounded the death knell to the Nehruvian vision of a multi-religious state. India essentially saw the Kashmir conflict through a Hindu- Muslim prism and sought to keep Kashmir as a counter-narrative to Jinnah’s two nation theory.

The Kashmir you will never understand

By Faakirah Irfan
While I write this, the Internet connections of various service providers have been shut down. The social media services have been banned, and the only thing working in the state of Kashmir is the ongoing conflict.

The Fading Away of State Control in South Kashmir

By Muneeb Yousuf
There is a belief that the policemen are involved in various atrocities and civilian killings and such activities have made them the centre of this guerilla strategy. Moreover, it is also believed that the militants are in need of arms and the policemen become soft targets for weapon snatching.

The March is on, Burhan!

By Basarat Hassan
Would Indian citizens of any big city like Bombay, Delhi or Bangalore imagine living under curfew-like conditions for even a single week? A complete blockade, with basic amenities and communication lines completely cut off. No, they would not. We experience it, and only we can understand it. This is what occupation is!

Kashmir: An Honest Question for the Civil Society

By Iftikhar Gilani
Situation in Kashmir is worsening by the day. Narendra Modi’s Government is dreaming to browbeat and exhaust the masses with the use of brazen force, through security forces and imposition of continuous curfews and engulfing the masses in utter sense of defeat and disappointment.