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Book Review: Ira Mukhoty’s ‘Daughters of the Sun: Empresses, Queens and Begums of the Mughal Empire’

By Fahad Hashmi
The book, it goes without saying, digs out the Mughal haram from the Oriental fantasy as well as its wild imagination about zenana’s licentious sex and other obsessions. One finds that Daughters of the Sun is an effort at restoring and endowing agency on Mughal women.

Book Review: Ira Mukhoty’s ‘Heroines: Powerful Indian Women of Myth and History’

By Karthik Venkatesh
Draupadi is anything but ideal. All fire and brimstone, she rages against the system that put her in terrible situations. Quite unlike Sita who accepts what comes her way with a meekness that is unnerving, Draupadi chooses to speak her mind. An observation that struck me with respect to Draupadi was that young girls are rarely named Draupadi.