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Plural Islam in South Asia: An Interview with Stephen S. Schwartz

By Muhammad Ashraf
The key for maintaining moderate and pluralistic Islam in South Asia is simple, and comprises moderate and pluralistic Islamic education. Muslims trained in the philosophical, theological, and metaphysical aspects of the Islamic past and present will not turn to radicalism.

Can Moderate Muslims Defeat the Extremist Monsters?

By Kouser Fathima
Let’s make it clear that the Moderate Muslims can’t foresee the future and predict the next attack nor can they fly across the continents to save the world. Stop confusing them with the fictional superheroes. This is what happens if you are hooked to too much Hollywood.

Reyhaneh Jabbari: How media underplayed the story

By Abdul Hafees
Reyhaneh had confessed that a third person was with them at the time of the murder but she never revealed his name. What was his role in this murder? Both remain still unanswered. Quite interestingly, no one covered an objective, unbiased and two-sided crime report in this case.