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Has the Indian growth story missed the Muslim minorities?

By J Aslam Basha
Though India can rightfully be proud that a massive 170 million people have been uplifted from poverty since 1990, it has been found by researchers from the Dartmouth University and MIT that those from the most vulnerable sections have lagged behind for various reasons.

Finding the Balance between Development and the Right to Life

By J. Aslam Basha
If the PM truly intends to safeguard democracy, he must start listening to people and looking for solutions that people expect the government to provide. Exercise videos may be light hearted, but the government cannot lose sight of the real problems. It cannot ignore the safety and future of people, especially of those who are poor and marginalized.

Trolls – Devil in ambiguity

By J Aslam Basha
It is only natural that minorities of all hues become anxious, especially when their voices are stifled by calls for adhering to a homogenous view propounded by the ruling BJP, which has long advocated the cause of Hindi, Hindu, Hindustani.