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Three Poems

By Jagari Mukherjee
I fell for you as if
your love was a diary
found in a thrift store –
the thin pages translucent
stained with coffee.

Paris: An Immortal Memory

By Jagari Mukherjee
I wanted to see the city which has been immortalized by poets and artists. I wanted to see the city which had formed the backdrop in works like Alexandre Dumas’ Camille, Baudelaire’s Les Fleurs du Mal, and Sartre’s The Age of Reason, amongst others. I had watched and loved movies like Moulin Rouge (based on Camille) and Gigi (based on Colette’s novelette). As for me, my painting of Paris will be a work of Impressionism rather than Realism as I attempt to recapture its essence mainly through the perfumed mists of memory.