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Kashmir’s Unsung Heroes

By Faakirah Irfan
Women of Kashmir with all your strength, your valor, your pride, your magnificence, your patience, your resilience, you are the definition of what a woman is. You battered the mountains and crushed the rocks, with your blood, and with the granite of your courage, you built the entire city.

Basit Ahanger Murdered: Freedom Rekindled?

By Adil Bhat
The 17-year-old young boy, Basit, was killed by the Indian army personnel on the evening of September 2, 2016. Since his murder, the Valley has erupted in protests. Hailing from Vessu village in Qazigund area of Anantnag, Basit, a first-year undergrad student, succumbed to his pellet injuries on Saturday evening.

The Kashmiri Poetics of Freedom

By Adil Bhat
Pakistan doesn’t defray stones to Kashmiris. These are our stones and our protests, our pen and our poetics of resistance, our land and our struggle for freedom. These ineffective and often absurd measures and conclusions that India jumps to make have failed in the past and are bound to fail in future. The call for peace lies in the history of an unfulfilled promise, that is, the promise of plebiscite.