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By Prasanta Chakravarty
We have gradually eroded our capacities to appreciate the sonic and the gestural. Culture is largely visual. And our literature departments do not indulge in training our ears and skin at all.

Resist Fascism. Boycott Jaipur Literature Festival.

By Mosarrap H. Khan
The Jaipur Literary Festival may have the numbers on its side. But as a reader and researcher of literature, I understand that literature is not about the numbers. The JLF might be able to sidestep our criticism as a minor inconvenience, but we stand our ground. The JLF is devoid of any moral compass, supposedly one of the tasks of literature.

On Literature

By Sayani Sinha
If literature assumes and acts on a kind of subjective knowledge of objective reality, philosophy puts into question the legitimacy of such an assumption. It purports to study the relationship between literature – as a representation and a mode of representation of objective reality – and objective reality as such.

In Defense of Literary Philosophy

By Sayani Sinha
For him literary texts were content-free. He was therefore interested in what they did and not what they meant, because they meant nothing. Deleuze echoes Heidegger when he puts immense emphasis on the factor of creativity in his attempt to conjoin philosophy and the arts.

Short Story: Those never-to-be-lost LEGOS

By Srirupa Dhar
Suhashini died a year after Abir’s trip to Kolkata. She went peacefully in her sleep one night. Her hands were tightly holding on to the bottom part of her pillow. She clutched as many LEGO figures as she could. Just like those old houses of Bagbazzar that never forgot to protect the people living in them.

The Lake of Blood

By Irfan Mir
Death was on his young mind; it had gone into his brains, seeming nearer to him than it had ever been. In the quivering light of a candle, the wooden rafters above his head seemed to float. He imagined Ezrail hovering around him like cigarette smell.