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Rabindranath Tagore’s ‘The Broken Home’ (Nastanirh): Chapters 15 & 16

By Lopa Banerjee
Her expectations to relish the pleasures of a new book, a new writing, new exciting news or other sources of amusement diminished; there was nobody she would have to sew for, to write for, nobody for whom she could buy any precious gift.

Eyeballs Don’t Grow Old

By Prasanta Chakravarty
Delhi is a kind city
(contrary to the myth)
The rake’s boudoir
The scholars’ club
The pizza delivery boy’s tip

The Less Fortunate

By Haris Ahmed
The man was shivering; a young lad shoved him down on his knees. Another man loaded his rifle. Before the crowd could react, the man lay lifeless in a pool of blood. The crowd began cheering and roaring in frenzy.

Seven Poems

By Tikuli
cigarettes, float like decomposed corpses
bloated with memories, voices, tense with
longing, rustle through the trees, possessed
and restless the midnight lingers.

Three Poems

By Trivarna Hariharan
then an alarm rings
and everyone is told to get down
and unlearn the names of the places –
they’ve grown up loving all their lives –
in a moment’s time.

Two Poems

By Linda Ashok
There’s an eye in every injury for the world to see the wound
like a black bird masked in snow longing to stay