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Unethical Journalism: The Coverage of Mainstream Indian Media about Kashmir Unrest

By Abhay Kumar
The Indian media, barring a tiny section, have now turned itself into a propaganda machine for the state’s ideology and majoritarian sentiments. This is not to say that earlier, the mainstream media were fully objective, but now with its coverage of the ongoing Kashmir crisis, it has gained a new notoriety.

Media is an Illusion

By Shaik Zakeer Hussain
MC Kash is one of the most popular rap artists from Kashmir. In 2010, he released the song “I Protest”, which was about the unrest and the killing of innocent youths in Kashmir and human right violations by local security forces. The studio, where the song was recorded was raided by the police, and MC Kash was threatened by the administration, as it deemed the song ‘seditious’. The national media never reported it.