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Taboo(-ed) and Terror(-ised): The Hermeneutics of Menstruation

By Soma Mandal
The imagination of a Hindu Rashtra (Hindu nation) with a Hindu Nari (woman) at the centre epitomizing Savitri and Sita as ideal figures of femininity and virtue established the idea of a Hindu masculine state that could rule the non-Hindu world. The human reproduction cycle made explicit by menstruation did not fit the clean image of Sita and Savitri and polluted the purity of hyper-masculine Hindu text and the sub-text of Hindu life-forms which needed to be lived through piety and worship.


Do girls actually drop out of schools for lack of access to sanitary pads?

By Neha Basnet
This very idea that having access to sanitary pads will increase school attendance, improve performance in education, and ultimately better lives for girls and women diverts focus from the real problems. This increasing problematization of lack of access to sanitary pads and its impact on young girls’ education needs to be revised.