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Feminism and politics of suspicion

By Amit Bindal
This distinction between believing in women as opposed to believing the accounts of women’s oppression demonstrates and opens up the possibilities of combating sexual harassment without abandoning the rule of law. It is the denial of credibility and suspicion of the complainant inherent in the law and legal process that has led to the failure of due process.

Will Bollywood allow a #MeToo movement?

By Kouser Fathima
When Parveen Babi spoke against Amitabh Bachchan, she was labelled delusional. Mamta Kulkarni’s promising career ended abruptly when she spoke against Rajkumar Santoshi. A foreign model’s accusations against Subhash Ghai ruffled many feathers. Madhur Bhandarkar was accused of false promise of marriage and lead role in return of sexual favours by Preeti Jain.

Liberal Vertigo, Eros, and the University

By Brinda Bose & Rahul Sen
How did #MeToo manage to dilute a labyrinthine, voluptuous, turbulent human relationship marked by eros, and whittle it down to this piteous, anonymous, cowardly movement of mass hysteria about heartless male lovers in relationships gone wrong?